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The following list includes the EVENTS that will occur in the next year. These events are hosted in the Kettle Moraine area near Whitewater, Wisconsin. Event entry forms and additional information can be obtained by contacting the LaGrange General Store. Contact us.

Tuesday Night Group Road Ride


Below is the map for the TNR May 3 5:30 out of the Nordic Lot. We will be doing the Island route and the map is below. The winds will be out of the west so we will go into it right away. A group will start and take a left on H then left on Greening, left on Tamarack left on Bluff then follow the route as listed. All other groups will go right out of the lot on H and follow the map as shown. There is a 3 mile cut off once you are in Palmyra for anyone needing to use it. Mostly a flat route until the last part up E into Palmyra then up H on the short cut or up Little Prairie on the normal route. Sending this out early as the weather will be great and want to make sure everyone can get themselves mentally ready for the RIDE!!!!! With the Masters Elite group growing in numbers there will be 3 groups on the road. That being said we are encouraging strong B group riders to start with the A's and if they fall off can hook up with the B group following. Trying not to stress the B group too early. The Masters Elite group is on their own program and not responsible for picking up riders falling off the B group. That is the reason we want more to start in the A group and they can always fall back to the main B group if need be. Hope this makes sense. Food, soup and of course a wide variety of beverages available after the ride at the LGS.

Trail work John Muir


TrailBuilding UPDATE : WorkDay SIX, 4-23-16 Keeping you informed of the GOOD work being done on YOUR Trails by the eSpeCially CrAzy IrRegular TrailBuildin’ Crew It was the BEST weather for TrailWork!! WHAT a Beautiful Day for playin’ in the woods! At ‘The Gathering‘, SOMEONE (Gary Anoszka) mentioned that there were two trees down across the Emma Carlin Trail – so WE sent HIM and an ‘assistant’ (Chuck Kilmer) to remove them [Gary IS a Member of Our “CHAINsawGANG’]. LONG drive and Walk WAY out there (Guess he’ll never mention that trees are down again) Then the rest of the Crew headed to the tool shed to load the UTV with EVERY tool in the shed (the UTV was Loaded!!) [Over-loaded]. We then headed to the BROWN Trail WorkArea to ‘Finish’ our ReRoute we’ve been working weeks on. We paired up Crew Members in two’s and each pair had a particular assignment along the LONG New Trail Sections. EVERYONE diligently went to work and the conversations and stories (lies) began in earnest. Lots of ‘Finish’ work being accomplished, but with that, there was LOTS of Laughter being heard! Special Mentions: ‘Mike’s Squared’ (Mike Skoine and Mike Lindow) took on the hard task of building a ROCK retaining wall and cobble-stone pathway on a Trail DownSlope that meant moving and placing LARGE Rocks into the TrailTread (All mined by the gullible and stupid trio of (Tom Bauman, Tony Dellamaria, and Dave (shoulda known better) Mangan). One armed Scotty Nelson (broken collar bone /arm in sling) took on the task of clearing the Large tangle of brush covering the New entrance Trail of the Rainy Dew. UNBELIVABLE what a one armed guy can do!! (NO ‘excuses’ for anybody with two arms NOW!). Our TRUE ‘Finishers’ were Ron (lives in CHICAGO) Harrison and Tony Harris (not Ron’s ’-son’). The BEST ‘Finishers’ I’ve seen! The Trail was smooooth and clear! ABSOLUTELY a Great Job was done by ALL! The Crew worked an extra half hour to get the Trail ‘Open’ ready; going above and beyond! They were tired and dirty, but Satisfied and Happy with the work accomplished! THANKS Crew!! Last thing before Opening: Dave, Scott and Tony Harris spent an additional hour+ walking, Finish checking and Opening the Trail to the public – AND – closing the old Trail Section. A REALLY BIG THANK YOU for the assistance guys! Maybe you learned a little more (like Not to volunteer again?!) LOL Another Special Mention: Mike Seiler and son Alex were again back working on the ‘Special Assignment’ SkilZ–2 Area. Hoping to have the Area Open for Riding in early summer. After the TrailWork: Most were exhausted and headed home. Some jumped on their bike to RIDE! A couple headed to The General Store for….... Reflection? Dave was already an hour late for his Real work, so had to leave ASAP! (NO time to ‘hang’ with the Crew) WHAT Dedication!! WHAT Disappointment! Anyway……. Enough babbling; You now understand how the day developed. It was Good!.... and the New BROWN Trail Section was OPENed!! Sooo….. THIS Saturday, April 30 – The ‘Plan of Action’: WE will be doing the FINISHing work on the NEW WHITE Trail ReRoute Section, AND the New PURPLE Trail (Rainy Dew) entrance ReRoute. Hopefully being able to OPEN both! We are Hoping to have YOU join us, again, This SATURDAY, April 30, John Muir parking lot, 8:15am – noon. You’ll enjoy the Satisfaction of Building another eXciting section of Trails for YOU, and ALL, to Enjoy for Years to come! Bring your bike for an ‘after-the-work’ Ride, if you like. HOPE to see you there!! TrailBlazer Dave And the rest of the eSpeCially CrAzy IrRegular TrailBuildin’ Crew

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