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The following list includes the EVENTS that will occur in the next year. These events are hosted in the Kettle Moraine area near Whitewater, Wisconsin. Event entry forms and additional information can be obtained by contacting the LaGrange General Store. Contact us.

Tuesday night group road ride


Below you will find the map for the TNR 7/26 6pm Nordic Lot. The route is called Rome Adventure and will be the first time I believe that we have gone through Rome on a TNR. Look at the map carefully as when we go down H at the start we will be going around Blue Spring Lake. After Palmyra go north on Zion left on CI right on E left on Rome Oak Hill. Follow this all the way to F then left into Rome. The next two turns are tricky so make sure you are looking. While going through Rome just past the Bowling Alley take a right on Liberty follow that to a T intersection with the road being Staude right there then go about two mile and take a sharp left onto Cushman which does not have a street sign so it comes up fast. Once you are here stay on Cushman until it splits off and then take a left on Mehring. Follow that across CI until you get to Thayer left there and now we are on familiar a common route. Once back to Palmyra up Tamarack to Greening for the sprint. Only 36.5 this week to make sure we do not ride in the dark. If you want to add about 3 miles go up Little Prairie over to Young then to Tamarack and in. Below the TNR link is some information regarding the BARF Tour.

Tuesday night group road ride


TNR route is below, weather looks good with light winds out of the south/southeast. Going to do a 43 mile route called Lakes/nature which will include the VORTEX which we have not ridden in a while. For those wanting a short cut after eagle continue on 59 to antique rd. left there then left on S right on 67 right on NN left on Little Prairie then follow map in. This route will be about 38-39 miles and you skip the vortex.

saturday morning road ride


Will be heading out Saturday morning at 8am from the Nordic Lot. Idea is to get a long ride in 4-5 hours then to the LGS for lunch. We can again do a big figure 8 loop where we come back to LaGrange after 35-40 miles for those not wanting to go that far. Those looking for more miles will then make a loop to do so. Route is yet to be determined, but I will send out a map by Friday showing the route. Would like to see a big group out for this.

Saturday trail work

July 9 2016

TrailBuilding UPDATE : WorkDay Fifteen, 7-2-16 Keeping you informed of the GOOD work being done on YOUR Trails by the eSpeCially CrAzy IrRegular TrailBuildin’ Crew We had a ‘project’ to finish, and the Crew did an AWESOME Job to get it DONE! Another Section of the New BROWN Trail completed and OPENed! We saw LOTS of Riders – Surprised by this Section – with Smilin’ HAPPY Faces! It’s FUN!! Ya gotta do it More than once/twice, to get the feel of the flow. Weather was Really Good. Perfect for TrailBuildin’. Kinda made you wanna Ride rather than build, but we ARE Dedicated. It’s LOTS of Fun doing it though! (but gonna be LOTS More Fun RIDING IT!) And LOTS of “THANK YOUZ” for doing the TrailWork! That, at least, HELPS to make us feel Good – sometimes – when we are out there covered in sweat, getting scratched up by briars, stuck by thorns, bitten by mosquitoes, and …… WHOOPS… I got off track there. We DO Appreciate the feedback from those who have the Love of Riding GREAT Trails like we do. While this Section was being ‘Finished’ (making the final tweeks and adjustments), Gary and Tony moved on to the LAST NEW SECTION of the BROWN Trail we will be doing this year. It needed MAJOR Brushing!!! It is going through an area that is THICK with Major undergrowth through a pine grove. It is gonna be Really cool Riding through this Section, but it’s a b*&%# clearing. These two guys did Amazing work! Cleared 2/3 of the Section by quitin’ time. WoW! But everybody did Great work. Everyone got an assignment to start, and took that task to heart. They focused on that assigned area and did their Best to make it the BEST it could be. And it shows! Again, GREAT Job Crew!! THIS SATURDAY, July 9, we should be able to FINALLY Finish this New BROWN Trail ReRoute – that has been L-O-N-G overdue. We will be LEAVING the John Muir parking lot at 8:00am to go to the WorkArea! COME EARLIER Please – or, for those who come LATE, be looking for us out on the BROWN Trail (at the bottom of the long fast downhill). We have some Clearing and ‘Finishing’ work to be done on this last Section of BROWN Trail. We can use anyone’s Help, so bring friends. See ya there, TrailBlazer Dave And the rest of the eSpeCially CrAzy IrRegular TrailBuildin’ Crew

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