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The following list includes the EVENTS that will occur in the next year. These events are hosted in the Kettle Moraine area near Whitewater, Wisconsin. Event entry forms and additional information can be obtained by contacting the LaGrange General Store. Contact us.

Tuesday night road ride


Below is the map for the TNR 6/12. This route is called North Rome TNR and is 42 miles long. It will be the first time we have done this route this way so it is important to look at the map or download into Garmin or print off turn by turn directions. Once you take Rome Oak Hill into Rome you need to pay attention to taking a right onto Liberty St. then following it to Staude Rd. make sure to take a left on Cushman. The street sign is missing so it is a blind turn. If you get to Rome Rd. you know you missed the turn. The rest of the route should be easy to follow. Again I highly recommend looking over the map before this ride!!!!! If you are looking to cut off a bit you could start the route by going straight down H all the way into Palmyra then get on Zion. Another cut off would be in Rome where you skip the turn onto Liberty Street and stay on Y all the way until you get to Haas Rd take a left there and you are back on the regular route.

Fall Color Festival


The 24 annual fall color mountain bike festival is this Saturday September 30.
On-site registration opens at 7:30 and closes 30 minutes prior to each event.
9:30 - 33 miles for “advanced expert riders” Brown loop + 1 lap of Blue loop @ John Muir + connector trail + Green loop @ Emma Carlin
10:00 - 22 miles for “intimidate/advanced riders Brown loop + 2 laps of Blue loop
10:30 - 11 miles for “intermediate /advanced riders Brown loop + 1 lap of Blue loop
note: 22 and 11 miles do not use Muir short blue section from North end to H "crossroads"
11:00 5 miles for "beginner/intermediate" Brown loop + 1 lap of Blue loop
1:00 8 mile parent/child tag team event “beginner” mom or dad do one loop of brown child does one loop to combine time.
1:30 is the poplar kid’s event on the beginner course this is for the future mountain bikers its free and fun everyone wins!
You can bring you own food/beverages or purchase from 2 new food vendors. Beer Garden opens at 12:00 featuring lakefront brewing. More event/race information can be found at Fall Color Festival. This is a family event featuring a popular kids tent with games,arts crafts and other fun stuff opens at 10:00

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